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Best Top Online Piano Lessons For Adults and Beginners and Kids | Modern Mozart

Online Piano Lessons

The Best FREE Online Piano Lessons

My Story Of Why I Started Piano Lessons Online

Hello Piano Fans!

My Name is Max and I wanted to share with you my story of inspiration and why I wanted to start this website. About 2 years ago I was sitting at home watching a new show called "Smash". Some of you might have seen it as well, it's a show dedicated to how musicals are made in New York.  At first, I didn't think much of it, but after hearing some of the music they put together I was HOOKED! The video I have above is the song that made me said to myself, "I WANT TO PLAY PIANO!"​ I know it sounds very cheesy ;)  But honestly, we all have something that triggers us to be better in life, where it's sports or music or relationship or something... For me it was this song called "Broadway, Here I come'.  So as any novice wannabe piano player, I went online looking for Free Piano Lessons on Obviously, I'm pretty sure if you have been thinking about playing or wanting to learn how to play piano you did the same thing :)  But I quickly realize that these free lessons on youtube wasn't going to make me a piano player confident enough to play for my wife or friends.  So I took my inspiration seriously and decided to look for the best online piano lessons I could find online.  

Long story short, I don't want you to make the same mistake I did by wasting time looking to learn just from YouTube. I spent a little money getting the top online piano lessons by skilled piano teachers and my piano playing have never been the same ;) ​ The fastest way to learn piano is to learn from the skilled pianist or teacher that understands your level.  I didn't think it was possible that you can actually learn how to play online, but I have tell you... It awesome because I went learn to play the piano on my time and on my budget... There was no way I could afford private lessons, plus the old way of learning piano is long gone... So I after 2 years playing piano now, I wanted bring this site to share with you what I believe is the Top Online Piano Lessons and the reviews of them. Along with some articles I wrote that will help you understand everything when it comes to online piano lessons for beginners.

“Best Places Online To Master Piano” ( I am a Subscriber to these Sites)

Below I have left reviews of easy online piano lessons sites that anybody can follow. I am a member of these sites as well, so it is a honest review and perspective of how it has helped me to play better as a beginner and now somewhat of a good piano player ;)  I hope my review will help you make a decision on making a small investment in yourself to learn the top best piano lessons online to TRIPLE your skill level in a short amount of time! Good luck and make sure you let me know how the lessons have helped you! I would love to feature you on this website.


The Top Award Winning Online Piano Lessons Sites for 2015 

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Quick Summary Review of My Recommendations Summary Review

Piano Lessons For Beginners
  • constantly add new piano lessons so you’ll always have something new to learn. As a member, you get access to every lesson including new material as it’s added.
  • Ryan Jones who is the Creator and Instructor has been playing piano for eighteen years and teaching for eight. 
  • You will be able to post topics & chat with members, as well as get help directly from Ryan himself. Each lesson has a thread created for questions & answers in one place.
  • All members can check out the schedule to see the upcoming lessons. Once Ryan has posted, the lessons will remain in the archives for you to access them whenever you have time to practice and review
  • Beginner to advanced lessons ensure that everyone has something tailored for them. Plus, they include lesson files (sheet music & play along tracks)! Totally unheard of! Nobody gives this stuff like Ryan!
  • Amazing Support Team is only a phone call or Email away when you are a member!
  • 30 Day Trial For $1 (Great to Try out to see if you Love it or Not!)

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How to Play the piano
  • Being able to learn the best instrument on the planet using revolutionary new techniques that cut down learning time by about one tenth is absolutely Amazing!
  • Everything you need is found online, you will not need to go anywhere else.
  • You'll be able to 'WOW' friends by playing all the popular songs perfectly as if you have been keeping your piano playing skills a secret all these times :)
  • It might sound impossible at first, but you'll be able to  read music and write your own in just weeks.
  • Step By Step process to play by ear even if you have never learned an instrument before.
  • Use the instincts that human beings have been using for thousands of years to play awesome music.
  • If you every wanted to make piano playing as a career this online piano lesson course will get you started faster than any other place I've seen online. 
  • FREE 14 Day Trial (You can't go wrong with a FREE TRIALS!)

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Online Piano Lessons Research Articles Below :)

Best Top Piano Lessons

Best Top Online Piano Lessons

The ubiquity of the internet has given a rocket start to online piano lessons. This modern technique of learning piano online has become very popular, especially in youngsters. The reason for this popularity is that the online piano lessons offer a number of distinct benefits over traditional ways of piano learning. You can take online lessons at your own home and at your own pace. Hence, it is quite convenient and flexible for everyone. This modern method of learning piano is an ideal method for students of all ages and skill levels because it engages their complete interests and dedication.

There is one more benefit of online piano lessons which is related with cost saving. The Best online piano lessons services charge you only a monthly subscription fee. There are some services available online which offer a discount rate on online piano lessons, if you sign up for six months or more.

Online piano services

There is a variety of piano services available online which provides piano instruction. This varies from method to method using practice tools and curriculum they offer. Before you choose a best online piano learning program you need to research a little based on the following factors.

Research for best features– The curriculums of top online piano lessons are enhanced by supplementary features and help you in making your learning more effective and enjoyable. During your research, you should look for some great features like music, video tutorials and printable music/worksheets etc. If you are a music teacher and looking for a better piano program, then there are many online piano services which provide features that will enable you to track your students’ records and their progress as well. Some other features of online piano lessons are MIDI compatibility and social media integration. In addition to this, many online piano services utilize public domain music and some offer contemporary music that people can buy.

Research for good lessons The online piano lesson which you choose for learning, should teach a broad spectrum of concepts of techniques and music theories. These concepts include rhythm, proper finger use, scales, chords and the mechanics of playing piano. Your lesson should be the most impressive and progressive at the same time. The progress of your online piano lesson means, you start with basic concepts and gradually progress towards the highly advanced elements of playing piano. The best services of piano program also include huge genres, like classical and jazz.

Research for best help and support - Solid support resources are required, as there are many people who choose online piano lessons instead of a piano instructor. This should include direct support through telephone and email, also should provide FAQs and forum that you may refer for extra information.

Research for practice tools – Practice tools are the main factor of any piano program because they enable the people to practice. There are some very important practice tools like section looping, a metronome, song segmentation etc. that will foster your online piano learning. The online program which you choose should be easy to understand practice instructions. Also the exercises included in your learning program will target your left and right hand individuallyor together to serve a beneficial practice tool. Try to find out a piano learning program that provides reports and tracking. During learning program you also need personalized feedback and critique that are crucial. The reason for this is that they enable you to recognize and work on your weakness.

Online Piano Lessons
Eric Mitchell

Thank you for the amazing recommendation! After many piano teachers that I studied with, the methods taught on these online piano lessons helped me go beyond my expectations. I now use my new piano skills to play in front of my friends and family during all our gatherings ;) Thank you for the great recommendations!

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Best Online Piano Lessons For Beginners